Best Social Media Lead Generation Channels That Actually Work in 2024

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Are you peeking for the best social media channels to gain more leads and customers for your business?

With so many choices available today, knowing which channel will work nicely can be tough.

That’s why I’ve already done the testing for you!

After assisting thousands of businesses generate leads on social media, here are my top suggestions on the top social media channels to employ for lead gen.

Unlike Google, where someone might search for a secret investigator around me, with social lead gen, you will be largely targeting everyone.

What Is Lead Generation?

In a nutshell, leads are someone interested in buying a product or a service from a company. There are two kinds of leads – warm and cold.

Cold leads tell prospects don’t know anything about your brand or products/services. Warm indicates they already do.

When businesses aim for leads, they’re doing “lead generation” to convert them into spending consumers.

Let’s look into why Social Media Is A Powerful Lead Generation Tool:

  1. Targeted Advertising: most social media platforms permit highly targeted advertising, guaranteeing your message reaches the correct people.
  2. Data Insights: social media platforms deliver valuable data and analytics that can purify your lead-generation techniques.
  3. Engagement Opportunities: social media delivers a direct line of contact with your audience, authorizing you to engage and promote leads.
  4. Wider Reach: social media platforms have billions of engaged users, offering a huge audience that can be tapped into.
  5. Content Sharing: users share engaging content, which can boost your reach organically.

Best lead generation channels according to the experts 

1. TikTok

TikTok was the most downloaded app in 2022 and has over 1 billion engaged users (source). It’s no wonder that TikTok has steadily grown to become the most downloaded app on the Apple Store. It has been verified to be one of the most fun, amazing, and useful ways to create brand awareness, get your ideal customers, and stack up views more quickly than ever before.

Whether you’re operating TikTok for ads or organic growth, TikTok can grow your business quicker than any other social media channel right now.

You can either operate TikTok yourself as a business owner or you can partner with influencers on TikTok to let them advertise your brand for you. To design your TikTok marketing technique, you can also analyze the resources and tools presented by the TikTok Creative Center.

Key points of TikTok:

  • Powerful algorithm: The TikTok algorithm does an amazing job of showing you content that you’ll adore. This makes it highly addictive and one of the causes it’s grown so quickly in favor.
  • Short videos: People’s concentration spans are shorter these days which is why TikTok focuses on shorter videos instead of longer videos.
  • Reach large audiences: If your content is amazing and interesting, it’s much more comfortable for your video to go viral.
  • Less advertising competition: TikTok has fewer advertisers compared to other larger channels such as Google or Facebook. Therefore your expenses for running ads are usually lower compared to other channels.

2. Facebook

Despite the emergence of new players in the social media field, Facebook remains a family name with a vast reach. There are over 2.08 billion Facebook users, amounting to about 30% of the world’s people. These elements make Facebook excellent for reaching vast online audiences.

Unfortunately, organic reach on Facebook through a Facebook business page is hard these days.

So if you like people to see your Facebook posts, you’ll most likely be required to run ads or participate in Facebook groups and network with people through there.

Key Points of Facebook:

  • The algorithm does a suitable job of showing your ads to the correct people
  • Older people are one of Facebook’s fastest-growing demographic
  • Facebook owns Instagram which authorizes you to advertise there too
  • Facebook groups are a wonderful way to network with other like-minded people

3. YouTube

YouTube has entirely changed the route we create and share videos. Gone are the days when you would make videos and put them on your website or social media pages expecting that someone would see them.

Today you can make a video on YouTube and if it’s good sufficiently the YouTube algorithm can deliver it to the right people at the right time.

Key Points of YouTube:

  • YouTube videos can emerge in both YouTube search results and news feed discovery
  • Videos can emerge on Google search results
  • Run video ads on detailed YouTube videos, YouTube channels, or search queries
  • Google has an extensive amount of data to show the right videos to the right people

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn won’t be the foremost thing that comes to intellect about lead generation. But the grade of leads on the platform is well worth the effort.

Studies indicate that the average user spends about 7 minutes and a half on the website. During that time, they see an average of seven pages.

Usually, they do this for an explanation. They’re not mindlessly scrolling on the site like on social media. Rather, they’re more likely to engage with content.

The platform shows different ads, making it a perfect lead-generation tool, specifically for B2B.

Key Points of LinkedIn:

  • Drill down and target very specific kinds of business people
  • Excellent for B2B lead generation
  • Can be automated utilizing LinkedIn automation software

5. Instagram

Like Facebook, Instagram is utilized by over 1 billion users worldwide but is geared towards photo and video sharing. Instagram has a sounder organic reach compared to Facebook and it’s also a perfect place to advertise on.

To place an advert on Instagram, you don’t necessarily required to set up an Instagram account; you can connect your Facebook account and activate the ad campaign on both platforms.

Instagram also supports different ad formats, with ads that can be placed on users’ Instagram stories, research pages, and in their direct feeds.

Key Points of Instagram:

  • Combines well with Facebook ads
  • Instagram posts can support building more brand attention for your business
  • Instagram stories allow your posts to go viral (similar to TikTok)
  • Instagram shopping makes it comfortable for people to buy products from your brand


All the social media channels noted above can work well. However, for best outcomes, I suggest you only focus on one (or a few) channel at a time.

If you’re looking to target specific kinds of business owners, LinkedIn is a fantastic place to start. If you’re looking to get organic reach for your long-form videos, then YouTube would be an amazing social media channel to operate. And if you’re looking to reach a large audience with short videos, then TikTok is another outstanding option.

Eram Naim, with 4 years of experience in content marketing and 2 years in digital marketing, currently serves as the Co-Founder and COO of In addition to his role as COO, he also functions as the Sales & Marketing Manager and Editor, showcasing his versatility and expertise across multiple domains within the company.

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