How to Block Websites on Android Phone or Tablet? Complete Guide

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In today’s market, there is a vast array of smartphones and tablets, and Android mobile devices have become universal. These devices are not just used for personal intents but also for profession and business. Particularly, young grown-ups and teenagers, often referred to as the smartphone generation, spend a considerable amount of their period on these gadgets. 

Therefore, parents and schools realize the importance of assessing certain restrictions and enforcing control systems for device usage. Whether for private or business use, it is important to comprehend how to block websites on Android devices, whether within a corporate network or to guarantee the safety of children from accessing unsuitable websites or adult websites.

Understanding the Need for Website Blocking

The requirement to block websites on Android isn’t about restricting users—it’s about safety. Some websites might be producing grounds for malware or phishing threats.

Blocking these can be a critical step to prevent security problems. Plus, some sites can be a distraction, decreasing productivity. And let’s not overlook the data used up by excessive web surfing.

In organizations for business mobility, small, medium, or large organizations deliver smartphones and tablets to their workers.

This has led to more suitable employee productivity, which has no suspicion resulted in good ROI. However, to confirm that productivity stays high, companies anticipate their employees to operate these mobile devices only for work objectives and not misapply them by surfing irrelevant websites. 

The resolution to this concern of the employers can be best completed by blocking all the irrelevant websites on corporate-owned Android devices.

Blocking undesirable website access permits organizations to limit the time employees spend on nonwork-related websites, such as games, social networking, and videos & movies. It also saves your mobile devices from Internet attacks which can happen when the employee sees these types of websites.

Tools and Methods to Block Websites on Your Android Phones

There are several methods to block a website on Android devices. Android delivers built-in settings for this, but if you require more extensive features, you can consider third-party apps. For managing numerous devices, Mobile Device Management (MDM) keys are your go-to.

1. Built-in Parental Controls: Some Android devices come with built-in parental control elements that authorize you to block specific websites. You can usually locate these settings in the device’s system settings or the “Digital Wellbeing” or “Parental Controls” section.

2. Third-Party Parental Control Apps: There are many third-party apps open on the Google Play Store that suggest website blocking and content filtering features. These apps let you set up restrictions and customize the list of blocked websites. 

3. DNS-based Website Blocking: You can operate a DNS-based website blocking technique to block websites on your Android device. This involves modifying the DNS settings on your device to operate a DNS service that filters and blocks specific websites. You can adjust the DNS settings in the Wi-Fi or mobile network settings of your device.

4. Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions: If you’re wrestling with the query, “How to block sites on Android for multiple devices?”—MDM solutions are your solution. These solutions.

5. Browser Extensions: If you like to block websites, especially within a web browser, you can utilize browser extensions. For instance, on Google Chrome, you can install website blocker extensions to block or limit access to distinct websites.

6. Hosts File Modification: Advanced Android users can change the host file on their Android device to block websites. By adding entries to the host file, you can redirect distinct website domains to localhost or another IP address, actually blocking websites on Android. However, changing the host’s file needs rooting your device and should be done with alert.

How To Block Websites on Android Using Scalefusion

Scalefusion browser allows you to whitelist websites. By whitelisting, it implies that you can select and allow access to specific websites for workers with corporate-owned devices. After whitelisting websites, you can access the website from the Scalefusion browser and have a managed browsing experience. In other words, you get to learn how to block websites on Android phones or tablets. Here are the steps by which website(s) can be whitelisted on devices that are registered in the Scalefusion browser.

To block websites on Android devices with Scalefusion, please obey the step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1

Browse to and click on login to access your Scalefusion account through personal email ID, G-suite, or Office 365.

Click on Enroll Devices located on the left-hand side of the dashboard and choose the Android OS platform. Follow the enrollment process on screen and start organizing your devices virtually into Kiosk mode after configuring the device profiles to be made.

Step 2

Found the Scalefusion App on the enrolled Android device and accessed the menu tab by tapping on the three dots found in the upper right-hand corner portion of the screen. Then, enter the passcode to access the settings option. 

Step – 3

In the settings panel, tap on “Manage Apps” and then choose the Scalefusion Browser. After choosing the browser, tap on “Save Selected Apps”.

Step – 4

To block unauthorized websites for the end-user and whitelist a URL, click on “Browser shortcuts” and then tap on the “+” icon found at the bottom right corner of the screen to add an authorized/whitelisted URL.

Step – 5

Enter the needed details, such as the Name and URL of the website that requires to be whitelisted, in the field box. Later, tap on “Save” to save the inserted website URL. The settings will be successfully saved, and the end-user will only be capable of accessing the whitelisted website on the Scalefusion browser, controlling access to any other websites.


That’s it, IT admins! We hope this guide helps you comprehend the ins and outs of blocking websites on Android. Scalefusion kiosk browser allows organizations to easily block websites on Android phones & tablets that are not relevant to the work goal simply by following all the above simple steps.

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