How To Scan Telegram QR Code: Complete Guide

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In this day and era,  QR codes have become universal, with Telegram, the famous messaging app, no exception.

Telegram has this great feature, QR codes, that lets you join groups swiftly add contacts, or even show your login without having to fiddle around with usernames, passcodes, or links.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a multi-platform instant messaging app. You can reach other users, start group conversations, start audio and video calls, and transmit files and photos.

Currently, Telegram revealed its new feature: adding contacts by QR code, like other apps such as Snapchat QR code.

This caused many users happy since adding other users is now quicker.

They also won’t have to transfer their mobile numbers, which is secure.

But long before this integration, Telegram has been quite famous among users worldwide.

One thing that makes Telegram stand out among other messaging apps is its capacity to create secret chats with end-to-end encryption.

Also, the other party can’t take screenshots or forward your messages to further users. This is an added security to guarantee your conversation remains confidential.

It likewise has a self-destructive timer feature, which permits you to set the time for a message to vanish after being received by the other party.

On top of that, Telegram lets users send files up to 2GB, unlike other messaging apps; 25 MB for Facebook and 16 MB for WhatsApp.

How to make a QR code from the Telegram app?

You can acquire this code from the app, which also serves as a generator. Don’t understand how to get a QR code from the Telegram app? Obey these steps:

  1. Found your Telegram app. You can download it from any app store if you don’t have one.
  2. Tap on your username to open the profile panel.
  3. Tap on the QR code button.
  4. Select among the customized pre-generated QR code template choices. Then you can share the code with other platforms.
  5. Take a screenshot of the code to keep it on your device.

Scan Telegram QR Code in 6 Steps

Step 1- Open Telegram App 

Download the Telegram App on your phone.

  • If you are utilizing an Android model, you can download it from the Google Play Store. For Apple models, we can download from the App Store.
  • Make an account in the telegram account by documenting a new user name and mobile number. You’ll get an OTP for confirmation.
Telegram Icon show on mobile screen

Step 2- Tap on the three-bar icon 

Upon setting up the Telegram on your mobile device, unlock the app. You will see the 3-bar icon on top of the page. Click it. It’d host a couple of choices.

  • This option opens the telegram menu bar.
  • Click on it only for one time.
Show left menu bar icon on Telegram

Step 3- Tap on settings 

Upon opening the telegram bar, you’ll discover a couple of options including – Contacts, Calls, New Group,  People Nearby, and so on. Towards the end, you’ll have a choice – Settings.

  • It hosts all the options to modify or change different features in Telegram.
  • Click on it onetime.
In image show setting on Telegram app

Step 4- Tap on devices 

After opening the settings, you’ll have your name and profile image on top of the page, along with your username, mobile number, and Bio. Beneath this, we have settings for Notifications and Data and Storage, Chat Settings, Sounds, Privacy and Security, Folders, and Devices.

  • Devices are the option utilized to handle your account on different devices including mobile and laptop.
  • Click on it once to unlock the option.
Device menu on telegram app

Step 5- Tap on the scan QR code 

After opening the “Device” you’ll consider details about the existing device you are operating in your Telegram App.

  • Below this, you’ll have an opportunity to scan the QR Code.
  • Click on this option once.
  • This page also hosts elements about all the other devices your telegram account is logged in to.
Show Scan OR Code option on telegram app

Step 6- Now tap on scan QR code 

At the end of the page, you’ll see an option “Scan QR Code”.

  • By clicking the Scan QR code, your camera gets Started.
  • Before utilizing this, make certain you have downloaded the app on your PC/Laptop from the link or
  • On your desktop Telegram, open the QR code.
  • Display your mobile against the QR code on your laptop.

Protecting Your Privacy: Safe Practices When Using QR Codes

QR codes are super easy! But just like any technology, they come with their own set of dangers if not handled correctly. So, let’s make sure you’re utilizing them safely.

Be Mindful of What You’re Scanning

First and best, only scan QR codes from sources you rely on. If someone you don’t know sends you a QR code or you find one random online, it might be best to bypass it. Stick with contacts you know, or authorize groups and sites.

Update Your App Regularly

Telegram is always performing to improve its security features, so make sure your app is up to date with the newest version. It’s like getting a new set of armor in a video game – stronger and more profitable!

Check Your Logged-in Devices

Recognize that “Devices” section we spoke about earlier? Well, it’s not only for scanning QR codes. It’s also a place where you can keep an eye on where your account is logged in. If something looks suspicious, you can log out remotely. Pretty cool, correct?

Use Two-Step Verification

This is like carrying a double lock on your front door. By allowing two-step verification, even if someone gets a hold of your QR code, they’ll still require another piece of information to get into your account. It’s an extra layer of security that’s worth setting up.

Disadvantages of Telegram’s in-app QR code

Unfortunately, there are many drawbacks when using QR codes from the Telegram app itself. Here are some of them:

  1. You have to settle with the pre-generated colored QR code. You can’t change its design or add logos or calls to action.
  2. In-app QR codes from Telegram are just static. You can no longer edit its entrenched content when you want to. If you delete your Telegram account and make a new one, you must also regenerate a new code.
  3. It lacks other advanced components, like tracking, password-protect, or expiry, which could have been useful for users.


Telegram QR codes offer an easier and faster method for customers to contact your business. This leads to a amazing sales or support experience, which improves the likelihood of them engaging with your business again.

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