How To Share Telegram Link: Complete Guide

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With over half a billion active users, Telegram persists to be a go-to platform for personal and business communication. One key element that remains important for developing your community or business network is the capacity to share your group link. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the easy steps to share a Telegram link and effective methods to promote it.

How to share a Public Telegram channel link?

Establish your Telegram app open the Telegram channel and obey the steps to share a public Telegram channel link.

How to share a Telegram channel link?
  • Tap on the channel’s name
  • The link to your channel emerges on the next screen in the info block. Tap on the Link.
  • Then the share menu will seem. Copy your link by tapping on the Copy option, and you can share the link with your contacts through text messages and other social media platforms.

How to share a Private Telegram channel link?

Open the Telegram channel and obey the steps below.

How to share a Private Telegram channel link?
  • Tap on the channel’s name.
  • On the following screen, tap on the Edit (pencil) icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then your channel elements will appear; tap on the Channel type option.
  • On the next screen, your channel’s link will emerge. To copy the link, you can tap on the Link or the Copy link option.
  • Alternatively, you can share your channel’s link straight to your contacts by tapping on the Share link option.

Steps to Share Your Telegram Group Link

The procedure of sharing a Telegram group link is easy. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

Accessing Your Group’s Settings:

  • Open the Telegram app and navigate to the group you desire to share.
  • Tap on the group name at the top to access its information/Group info window.
Open the Telegram app and navigate to the group you desire to share.

2. Locating the ‘Invite Link’ Option:

  • Hit the three vertical dots button on the top right of the Group information window
  • Hit the “Add members” menu.
Hit the three vertical dots button on the top right of the Group information window

3. Copying and Sharing the Link:

  • Hit “Invite via Link” on the Add Members window.
  • Hit the “Copy Link” button to copy the unique link that you can share on websites, chats, other social platforms, and more.
  • Alternatively, if you like to share the invite link to someone in Telegram, a group, or a channel, you can utilize the “Share Link” button.
  • By Hitting on the three vertical dots button on the “Invite link” window, you will also have access to share the invitation as QR code or revoke the invitation link.

The Case of Revoked Links

What occurs if you share your link, and then change your mind? Perhaps you posted it in a general place, and now you’re not satisfied with the idea of just anyone being able to join. No concerns, Telegram has you covered.

You can just revoke your link, which implies that anyone who attempts to use it after you’ve revoked it will hit a dead end. You can then make a new link and share it more selectively this time.

So there you own it, the down-low on addressing the privacy of your Telegram links. Remember, your comfort and safety are key when dealing with digital communication.

Troubleshooting Common Issues When Sharing Telegram Links

I’ve got some suggestions and tricks up my sleeve to help you tackle some of the most common problems you might face.

Issue 1: The Username Link Isn’t Working. If you’ve set a username and the link isn’t functioning (like ‘’), confirm your username doesn’t have any special characters or spaces. They’re not permitted and might be causing a glitch.

Issue 2: Can’t Generate an Invite Link. This could be due to your licenses in the group or channel. Only admins can make invite links. So, if you’re not an admin, you might require to have a chat with one to get the link.

Issue 3: The Link Leads to the Wrong Place. Did your companion end up in a different group or channel after clicking your link? This is highly doubtful but in case this happens, double-check the link you’re sharing. It could be a easy case of copying the wrong link.

Issue 4: The Link Isn’t Working. It could be that the link has been revoked (perhaps by an admin if it’s a group or channel). Attempt generating a new link and share it again.

Issue 5: People Can’t Join the Group or Channel. Review the privacy settings for the group or channel. It might be set to permit only certain users to join, or there might be a cap on the number of members.

Remember, troubleshooting is just a process of elimination. If you run into a problem, take a deep breath, consider these tips, and take it one step at a time. If all else fails, Telegram’s support is just a message away and they’re usually pretty helpful.

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