Top Keyword Cannibalization Tools

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Keyword cannibalization is one of the many offenders behind decreases in search rankings and traffic, but most people don’t comprehend how to find instances of keyword cannibalization or how to resolve the problem.

Luckily, there are tools out there that can assist you root out keyword cannibalization, with some offering more support than others.

Keyword cannibalization is an SEO problem that happens when numerous pages on a site target the same keyword(s) and serve the same objective, and in doing so damage each other’s search engine rankings. This is because the search engine can’t decide which page is the most relevant result for associated questions.

SEO keyword cannibalization can occur when you:

  • Publish identical pieces of content over time
  • Create other paths to the same product category
  • Publish a new version of a page without redirecting the old one
  • Optimize equivalent pages for the same keyword
  • Do not optimize subcategory pages

Best Tools for Identifying Keyword Cannibalization

1. Letterdrop’s Refresh Tool

Letterdrop was launched in 2021 by ex-Googlers, and among its suite of smart SEO tooling is the Pages to Restore feature.

It combines with your Google Search Console data and can display you which pages are cannibalizing one another.

In addition, it delivers you all the problems relating to SEO monitoring. This includes:

  • pages that need to be combined or split
  • pages with decaying traffic
  • pages that are almost ranking
  • pages that require to be distributed
  • possibilities for People Also Ask
Identifying keyword cannibalization and more with Letterdrop

2. TrueRanker’s SEO Cannibalization Tool

TrueRanker has a feature that monitors your pages for keyword cannibalization. It functions by tracking Google rankings through domain data projects.

It utilizes a simple alert system:

  • A blue bug icon indicates there’s keyword cannibalization going on and your specified page is ranking
  • A red bug icon indicates there’s keyword cannibalization going on and your selected page is not ranking
TrueRanker’s keyword cannibalization alert system

3. Semrush’s Position Tracking Tool

You can follow keyword cannibalization utilizing the Semrush Position Tracking Tool and navigate to “Cannibalization.”

You can change which pages and keywords are analyzed by keyword, URL, position, date, and more.

Here’s what else the tool can do for you:

  • Examine URL ranking for numerous keywords
  • Evaluate Cannibalization Health utilizing metrics like Cannibalization Affected Keywords, Health Score, and Cannibalizing Pages
  • Track trends and abnormalities over time for keywords with numerous ranking pages, sorting by metrics such as Position or Calculated Traffic
Semrush’s cannibalization tool under Position Tracking

SEOTesting’s Keyword Cannibalization Report

SEOTesting has a keyword cannibalization feature that combines with Google Search Console. It develops a report that displays the questions with one or more pages ranking for it.

SEOTesting’s Keyword Cannibalization report

You can export this report as a CSV file if you like.

A standout feature is that the tool tracks the outcomes of modifications you make to your pages to resolve the cannibalization problem.

Free Keyword Cannibalization Tools

A common choice to check for keyword cannibalization for free is with Google Search Console. You just navigate to Questions and review which pages are ranking for the same keyword.

You can also utilize tools like Ahrefs and ScreamingFrog to download CSV files with the keywords you rank for and manually search the effects for similar pages.

This isn’t a fantastic use of time though, and reliable keyword cannibalization tools are far more efficient.

How to Prevent Keyword Cannibalization

To prevent keyword cannibalization, sidestep publishing pages that target identical keywords and meet the same search intent. Always review your site before making (or optimizing) content. 

You can search through your CMS. Or utilize the “site:[domain] [keyword]” operator in Google.

Like this:

If you see a page that ranks for the same keyword and caters to the exact search intent, optimize that page instead than making a new one. Or design the required redirects, canonicals, or no index tags and launch everything simultaneously. With that method, Google never gets confused.

And monitor your rankings through Semrush’s Position Tracking tool or Google Search Console. The sooner you see and resolve keyword cannibalization problems, the better your site should function.

Which Keyword Cannibalization Tool is Right For Me?

The good keyword cannibalization tool for you might come down to allocation at the end of the day.

Any tool on this list would be a fantastic choice for a company extremely considering about SEO.

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