What is SaaS Spend Management? The Definitive Guide

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The procedure of keeping an eye on and tracking software subscriptions to enhance and better manage their expenditures is comprehended as SaaS spend management. To maintain organization and get the most out of the business budget, it’s important to keep a close eye on all of your purchasing, licensing, renewals, and other SaaS-related costs. You should keep an eye on your SaaS spending and consumption, whether it’s through an application or a spreadsheet.

Why Is SaaS Spend Management So Significant?

The majority of companies need to constantly expand their SaaS requirements, which makes SaaS spend management required. Unneeded spending and unnecessary apps are easy to miss if you don’t regularly review your subscription fees, user behavior, tools, and other important elements of your procurement procedure. SaaS spend management allows cut down on unnecessary costs by helping with:

Not Utilized Or Not Used Licenses

Take a standard look at the number of people who are utilizing your tools. If a technology isn’t being utilized as intended, consider about reducing the license quantity or enhancing user engagement.

Removals And Renewals Of Contracts

It can take a lot of time to manage these elements. This can be made more efficient by a third-party service, which assist with contract negotiations and sends out timely renewal attention.

Decentralized Choice-Making

Buying SaaS is frequently done separately by departments in bigger organizations. As a result, your SaaS ecosystem may become less cohesive and you may lose prospects to fully utilize its potential.

Functional Redundancy

In the absence of a centralized SaaS system, you may have many solutions that do parallel tasks and pay extra costs.

Building A Spend Optimization Method for SaaS

SaaS spend optimization is the procedure of minimizing expenditures associated with the organization’s needs for SaaS applications while preserving and even improving workflows. In the absence of a well-defined strategy for SaaS spending, your company runs the risk of decentralization, duplicate apps, and not used licenses. You can put a couple of these into practice to improve your optimization procedure and improve the quality of your essential financial decisions.

Simplify The Purchasing Process

Select the groups and persons that are a part of the SaaS procurement procedure. It is more difficult to make a database without adequate management. To create a better-organized purchasing plan, centralize your SaaS data and organize your departments. Your organization may encounter and minimize unused apps and redundancies with the benefit of a unified SaaS management platform. Use best practices for simplifying spending and buying by reviewing your regulations about contract renewal tracking and renegotiating.

Monitor Your Spending

You need to find methods to enhance efficiencies and regulate your SaaS price before you can track expenses. This is a continuous process that consists of:

  • Removing and connecting duplicate apps
  • Cutting down on new tools and licenses
  • Keeping an eye on contract negotiations and revivals

Make sure you routinely examine your organization to see if money is being wasted on unwanted software licenses. All that is required of your organization is the payment of the right number of licenses and required applications. Just archive and extract any licenses or programs that aren’t being utilized.

Benefits of effective SaaS spend management

Optimizing SaaS costs

With entire visibility into your SaaS spending, you can recognize free,unused, duplicate, and redundant apps in your portfolio. You can then explore the usage and the ROI and rationalize your stack to save on spend.

Renewal management

Auto-renewals can be irritating, especially when you like to move away from a particular vendor. With a SaaS spend management system, you can effortlessly track renewals and configure workflows to send renewal reminders 90 days before the deadline.

Better SaaS budgeting

SaaS spend management allows the finance team to explore usage against spending and make the proper budgeting decisions. Based on the needs and usage, they can give funds strategically, directing the budget towards high-impact tools that align with business goals.


No matter how grown your SaaS management techniques are–from well defined to non-existent–it’s not too late to expand control.

Smart businesses are shifting in masse to SaaS management to fix both the value promise of cloud applications and mitigate debilitating safety and compliance problems. The importance and sense of urgency to become a more elegant digital business are clear.

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